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Concert Performance
Kenny Kosek, a veteran performer in festivals, music clubs, studio work, schools, and social and corporate events is available for concerts in ensembles ranging from duets to large groups.



Interactive lectures, performances, and hands-on instruction in various fiddle styles including bluegrass, old time, and western swing. Workshops deal with the history of the development of fiddle styles and focus on technique.

Individual Instruction

One-on-one instruction for intermediate level students tailored to a student's needs.

Group Instruction

Small groups of students have intensive lessons.
Kenny Kosek Sample Workshop

In the course of the workshop, Kenny will be giving historic overviews and performing tunes as illustrations. The workshop will be as interactive as students wish; requests and questions are welcome. Each of the four sections will be followed by individual instruction geared to each student’s aptitude and focus. To gain the most benefit, students should have at least a beginner’s skill level.


  • Simple old time songs
  • Basic shuffle
  • Playing on two strings
  • Probable tunes:
    • “Whatcha Gonna Do with the Baby”
    • “Bile Them Cabbage Down”
    • ”Soldier’s Joy”
    • ”Sail Away Ladies"


  • More bowing patterns
  • Open tunings
  • Crooked tunes
  • Singing with the fiddle
  • Recognizing chord changes
  • Probable tunes:
    • "John Brown’s Dream”
    • “Ways of the World”
    • “Bonaparte’s Retreat”
    • “Midnight on the Water”


  • Building a bluegrass solo
  • Bluegrass fiddle styles
    • The foundation laid by the great fiddlers of the '40s-'60s
  • Playing in a bluegrass band
  • Double stops and harmony
  • Probable tunes:
    • “Bury Me Beneath the Willow”
    • “Can’t You Hear Me Callin”
    • “Footprints in the Snow”


  • Double shuffle bowing
  • Second and third position
  • Probable tunes:
    • “Rawhide”
    • “Cottonpatch Rag”
    • “Washington County”
    • “Foggy Mt. Special”
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